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Feb 1, 2022 8:45pm
Last edited on Feb 1, 2022 8:45pm

Announcing the 2022 Pickering/Colbeck Finalists

This year’s submissions totaled 140, from 9 countries!

Finalists in the 2022 competition

1st: The Marriage Pickle: Untying the Not – Shelley Chester

2nd: The Springvale Armadillo—Donald Loftus

3rd: This is Fine; Or, How Checkov’s Baby Saved the Party– Samantha Oty

Runners up (no order)

Confessions—Stephen Todd Hoover

Twisted Deaths—Shannon TL Kearns

A Lovely Day to Kill your Spouse—Lindsey Brown

Vinnie Suitcases—George Sapio

Cozy Murder—Judy Klass

That Was Then—Vicki Riba Koestler

Mark the Halls—Brian Vinero